News Update ousjah 0 2020-10-06


GAMWORKS rolls out the Grants Scheme within the Gambia Pilot Program (GPP), a partnership project initiated by the Governments of The Gambia and German Financial Cooperation, through KfW, to boost agricultural competitiveness and create employment opportunities and increased income, especially for youth and women. GPP started in October 2019 and is anchored on three agricultural value chains namely: Horticulture, Poultry and Fisheries, which will be supported with investments in rural infrastructure, vocational training and skills development as well as capacity building. GPP is focusing on the target regions of the Greater Banjul Area (GBA), Lower River Region (LRR) and Upper River Region (URR).

The GPP grants scheme will invest in rural infrastructure, equipment and training to upgrade technology and skills for agriculture growth along the value chains, from production and processing to transportation and marketing. The new technology solutions shall lead to a continuous, year-round production - instead of short, seasonal activities - to achieve permanent employment and increased incomes, especially for youth. GPP grants cover a range of investment items such as poultry houses, fish smoking and processing units, horticultural irrigation, storage and cool transportation systems, and upgrading of marketing facilities.

A Call for Proposals is issued by GAMWORKS inviting participants to register with the program to access its broad range of grant investments and training support. Eligible communal and private actors in the targeted agribusiness chains and regions shall submit their investment proposals on or before November 16. Proposals will be reviewed by an independent investment committee comprised of public and community stakeholders who will be assisted by experts from GAMWORKS supported by PEM CONSULT.

For participation, all candidates need to register with GAMWORKS, sending their organization name and contact details at: to receive the application forms with information on procedures and funding criteria.