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GPP Grants

The Gambia Pilot Program (GPP) will provide grant investments of up to EUR 250,000 for communal (Window 1) and private sector (Window 2) projects, which are solicited through separate call for proposals for competitive merit-based selection of proposals for grant awarding.

The specific requirements are detailed in the respective call for proposals documents, which can be downloaded from this site or requested from the GPP project office.

Candidates are advised to follow the recommended application steps described below:

  1. Register with the GPP office filling in the form in the website or obtained from the project office in order to receive communications and information on available application advice and support;
  2. Attend information and orientation sessions and/or become familiar with the terms stipulated in the call for proposals;
  3. Fill in the application form for the respective call for proposals and submit it electronically or in hard copy to the GPP project office.

Candidates are also advised to follow the GPP social media pages, submit clarifying questions if and as needed by phone or e-mail, whereby answers will be also published in the Frequently Asked Questions ( Click here).

The Gambia Pilot Program.

Gambia Pilot Program (GPP) is a 10 million Euro partnership project initiated by the Governments of The Gambia and German Financial Cooperation, through KfW, to boost agricultural competitiveness and create employment opportunities and increased income, especially for youth, women and vulnerable groups like returnees.


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