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  1. Construction of student dormitories at the GTTI-Annex in Mansa Konko (TVET)

The construction of a student dormitory at the Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI) Annex in Mansa Konko is the third project that has been selected during the appraisal phase of the GPP.

The GTTI provides training opportunities for middle and sub-professional levels of the technical and vocational human resource required by the country. As part of the expansion process, GTTI also catered for the expansion of skills training to rural areas through its rural annex, the Rural Skills Training Centre (RSTC) in Mansa Konko, LRR. Due to the lack of hostel facilities in the centre of the country, many interested candidates from neighbouring towns and villages are discouraged from enrolling at the institution. The project was chosen to enhance the accommodation capacities and thus foster TVET education.

The project comprises two 2-storey buildings providing all together 40 rooms for 2 students each including sanitary facilities and common areas. A small kitchen, cafeteria, and a laundry are located in separate buildings.

The construction works started in June 2020 and are expected to be completed in April 2021.


  1. Construction of a fish smoking house at the fish landing site in Brufut (Value Chains)

The fish landing site in Brufut is a coastal landing site located in the Greater Banjul Area (GBA) and has been selected as one of the first construction projects for the GPP. As the third busiest landing site in The Gambia, the pressure on the use of smoking ovens is high and the need for new facilities is urgent to enhance the capacities of fish smoking.

The smoking room of the new house will include both – improved Chorkor technology (named after Chorkor – a fishing village in the Accra Metropolis district) and modern Thiaroye ovens (improved fish smoking and drying oven technology developed with FAO, named after a village in the greater Dakar area, Senegal).

The construction works started in June 2020 and are expected to be completed in April 2021.


  1. Construction of a poultry house & fishponds at the Kundam Youth Garden (Value Chains)

The Kundam Youth Garden is located at Kundam Village about 13 km from Basse in the Upper River Region (URR) and is operated by the youth from the surrounding villages. Due to limited capacities to raise chickens and and to breed fingerlings (juvenile fish) a poultry house as well as tanks for breeding fish hase been chosen as investments financed by GPP.

The new poultry house includes proper ventilation as the region experiences very high temperatures in summer. The building comprises an attached store for feed and other products.

For the fish production, two concrete fish tanks are being financed. Each tank contains 5 chambers to house the various fish sizes. It has its own water supply and drainage system.

The construction works started in June 2020 and are expected to be completed in April 2021.


  1. Construction an Agri-Food Processing Center at the Gambia Tourism and Hospitality Institute (GTHI) (TVET)

The GTHI has been selected as a beneficiary for the construction of an Agri-Food Processing Center (APC). The GTHI is located in Kanifing South, GBA and provides technical and vocational education and training (TVET) for students to become professionals to the core areas of operations, supervisory and management positions in the Tourism and Hospitality industry such as hotels, resorts, cruise-ships and restaurants.

It is planned to provide a building complex for the APC with 2 training workshops including auxiliary rooms like storage, food quality laboratories, sanitisation, changing rooms and toilet facilities that are arranged around an open courtyard. The building will be located on the existing GTHI plot.

Start of construction works is envisaged for 2021.


  1. Construction of a student dormitory on the premises of the GTTI Annex in Julangel(TVET)

To further enhance the accommodation capacities for students in rural areas, the construction of another student dormitory building at the GTTI-Annex in Julangel, LRR has been selected during preparation of the GPP.

Similar to the dormitory in Mansa Konko, but here a 1-storey building will provid 2-student rooms as well as common areas and sanitary and laundry facilities. Furthermore, a kitchen with external cooking area as well as a canteen seating area are foreseen.

Start of construction works is envisaged for 2021.

Investing in agricultural value chains for youth empowerment!

Vocational Training and Skills Development for Youth

The Second Project component focuses on financing investments in vocational training/skills development for youth that specifically complement the investments along the three selected value chains (horticulture, poultry, and fish).

To promote vocational training and skills development for youth, the Project will enter into ‘strategic partnerships’ with relevant TVET institutions in The Gambia and provide them with selected infrastructure and equipment.

The Gambia Pilot Program.

Gambia Pilot Program (GPP) is a 10 million Euro partnership project initiated by the Governments of The Gambia and German Financial Cooperation, through KfW, to boost agricultural competitiveness and create employment opportunities and increased income, especially for youth, women and vulnerable groups like returnees.


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