On the 10th of August 2022, GAMWORKS handed over a GMD 5,2 million fish smoking facility to the Fisheries association at the Brufut fish landing site under The Gambia Pilot program (GPP). The GPP is a 10 million euro project funded by KfW through ECOWAS to support investments in horticulture, poultry and the fisheries sector.
The 540 square meter facility houses eight Chokor Ovens and two FTT Thiaroye ovens, a storage area and an outdoor preparatory area. The facility is built to improve the health and hygiene conditions of fish smokers in the area and promote the use of the new FTT technology which allows the processing of smoked and dried fish products that better meet international food safety and environmental standards
The ceremony was graced by the German Chargeé d’Affaires Ms Gabriele Boner, representatives from GIZ-FRSD, Fisheries officers, the Contractor – Jarju Kunda Construction, members of the Brufut fisheries association and the Media

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The Gambia Pilot Program.

Gambia Pilot Program (GPP) is a 10 million Euro partnership project initiated by the Governments of The Gambia and German Financial Cooperation, through KfW, to boost agricultural competitiveness and create employment opportunities and increased income, especially for youth, women and vulnerable groups like returnees.


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